Want a free lawyer?

Refinance using Russell S. Jacobs, P.A. as your title company and that is what you get: No attorney’s fees with the benefit of legal representation.

As a Florida title insurance agent, we have managed and overseen the real estate refinancing process of residential, commercial, and investment properties. We understand the refinancing process and are focused on providing fast, accurate services to get your loan closed. Tell your mortgage broker or loan officer when you request a refinance that you have your own title company and call us today to show you how we can save you money and make sure someone is on your side all the way through the transaction.

Refinance closings have many of the same complications as purchasing a home. Our experience handling real estate refinancing allows us to effectively manage loan applications, insurance declarations, environmental regulation issues, title insurance, and title examinations. We recognize that property owners refinance for a variety of reasons. Some of the common reasons that people refinance real estate include:

Obtaining lower interest rates
Reduce term of loan
Reduce monthly payments
Get cash for home improvement projects
Change the type of the loan from an adjustable rate mortgage to a fixed rate loan or the other way around.
Conduct the type of searches that probably were not done when you purchased so you know what was missed while there is still time to fix it before it costs you more.

We can explain the process and help you compare deals between lenders if you have your own lender already in place and help you identify one when you do not. There is nothing to lose since you do not pay us attorney’s fees for refinancing. We charge the same standard State of Florida set rates for title insurance as any title company so the cost is no different either.