Help! I’m Going To Lose This Buyer…

I’m going to lose this buyer because there is a date to accept the offer and the real estate agent keeps hounding me for the contract – what do I do?

Selling home is one of the most important transactions you will face in your lifetime. You need someone on your side protecting your interests. An attorney with expertise in Real Estate Law will be able to guide you through the maze of paperwork while remaining emotionally neutral.

As the seller, you will face pressure to make a deal. The real estate agent will want you to sign a contract as quickly as possible. The buyer’s attorney will want you to sign a contract quickly. The bank or mortgage company will want the deal to close – so they will be putting the heat on you. And certainly the buyer will want you to take his offer and sign the contract. They put an offer acceptance date on the contract which has a deadline. It means that if and only if you agreed to each and every term of the contract that has been proposed, that it has to be signed to be binding on the buyer. There are two problems with this: 1. the buyer can still get out anyway in an inspection period if it is written correctly and 2. you would never accept everything the buyer offered the first time around and so you will have to counter anyway. Providing the buyer a revised contract even if it is only one change is still a change and represents a new offer with a new time limit. So there is time to have the contract reviewed.

Shouldn’t you have someone on your side double checking everything and giving you the time and peace of mind necessary to make the best decision?

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